Elegant wedding card box. Mirrored gold/silver card box


Are you planning a wedding? It's very practical to have this gold wedding card box on your wedding day. At weddings, it is a tradition to accept cash gifts and congratulations from guests. With this wedding card box with a slot, you don't need to worry where your guests will put the envelopes. 
The outside of the box is made of plywood (light wood color). There is mirror plastic inside.

 We have two colors of plastic:

  • mirrored silver
  • mirrored gold.

Excellent addition to the elegant wedding card box is a lock that can be locked with a key as well. The box is created especially for you, with your names.
The box comes assembled


Length : 7.6," (19.4 cm)
Height : 11,8" ( 30 cm)
Width : 6,6" (16.9 cm)
Size of slot 7x0.7 inch (18 x 2 cm)

This card box can fit about 50 cards.

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