Hello everybody!

We are Andrew and Kate from Ukraine. We got married in 2008. We have a daughter of 8 years and a dog Jack.

     We are very different: Andrew likes to do complicated technical tasks. Kate is a creative person who loves design and photography. In this business we complement each other.

    We opened our small wedding business in 2011, which worked only in Ukraine.
    At that time the business began to grow very quickly. But in 2014 there was a crisis in Ukraine, and we started looking for ways to enter the international market.
    Since 2018 we have opened our first shop on Etsy and started to sell orders all over the world that way. We went through a lot of difficulties, from recruitment to details in international shipments.
    Since 2022 we opened Shopify store which successfully sells goods to the U.S., Europe, and around the world We went through a lot of difficulties, starting from

    About company and team

    Our main orientation is wedding accessories, wedding guest books, wedding card boxes, wedding invitations.
    Our production is located in western Ukraine in Lviv.
    Our company has laser cutting machine on which the majority of products are made.
    To make wedding invitations we use not only laser machines but also foil stamping, printing. We also have a painting area, where wood card boxes and guest books are painted.
    We have formed a young and friendly team that has been making all of your products for many years, which you use in your wedding.
    We are proud to have our merchandise shipped to all corners of the world. Our customers rate our products highly. And we do our best to keep our products happy for our customers.