Alternative wedding guest book


Alternate wedding guest books are always a great success because of their unconventional method of writing wishes. The alternative book is usually placed on a separate table and it gathers a large number of guests around itself. Everyone wants to leave their wishes on the little heart. In the future, such an item will take a place of honor in your home every time you look at it you will remember your wedding day

Alternative wedding guest book in the shape of an amphora. Suitable for a Greek-style wedding. Includes 100 hearts + amphora frame + wood box for the hearts. 

● Size

46,4 x 50 cm (18 x 19 inches) Include 100 hearts.
You could buy this 3D guest book with a wooden box or without a box.

● Color
Natural wood.

● The alternative guest book includes:

  •  frame
  • 100 hearts
  • wood box

On the inside label, we are engraving your names and wedding date

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