Wedding Invitation

Beautiful laser-cut invitations. In the form of an envelope. Inside the carved envelope is a leaf with the text of the invitation. In addition to the invitation, you can buy RSVP cards.

Invitations include:
  • Laser-cut envelopes
  • Inside paper card with the text
  • Outer envelope

● Color of Cover

In the photo, the wedding invitations are green.
Colors can be customized to coordinate with your event.

If you want to change the color of the invitation envelope - just let us know what changes you would like to make and we will do all we can to make it completely perfect for you!
We have a catalog of all the colors available for use.

● Measurements:

Size of Invitation - 17.4 x 10.7 cm (6,8" x 4,2");
Size of inside Paper - 16.7 x 10 cm (6,6" x 3,9");
Size of envelope - 20.0 x 13.0 cm (7,8" x 5,1");

● Text of invitations

We are waiting for the text of the invitation from you. 
After the designer draws up the invitation with your text, we send it to you for approval.

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